What happens when best friends, married couples, a jobless playboy and life's situations get together? This is a recipe for possible disaster. Can any of these relationships stand the test of trouble, is it possible to love through the pain, can you make it when betrayal is all around you? Is there anything or anyone that will save what seems to be lost? 

Listen To What People Are Saying about Lord Put A Ring On It!

"OMG, I enjoyed every minute of this movie, I could not turn away for a second. I laughed, I cried, it really inspired me to know that I can make it through my own personal problems. I actually saw myself in this movie, I saw my situations, It was real it felt like I was in it. WoW, you know I watched War Room and this is right there with that movie. This really takes it to another level, every scene was meaningful, I mean this is really a touching movie, I'm definitely going to see it again and every person wanting to grow in their relationships should see this movie. I learned so much about myself"

Shindayia Wilson