Charismatic, First Lady, Author and Filmmaker Dr. Tikki Collins, has touched many hearts and souls through the ministry that God has called her to. The first Lady write's to inspire and encouragement women to break the cycle of meaningless painful destructive relationships.  

Dr. Tikki, as she is affectionately known, is not just a outstanding author, inspirational teacher, motivational speaker, Christian Radio Host, mentor and Filmmaker, she is first a woman of God. She unwaveringly believes in the Power and Presence of God.  She stands by the Word that declares that if you live by the word and will of God, there is NO good thing that God will withhold from you. She has a heart for people, especially women and those who have been rejected, mislead, misused and forgotten. She is an advocate for women and teen girls helping them to discover their self-worth in Jesus Christ. 

Dr. Tikki is an engaging speaker who is multidimensional and speaks on scriptural applications that apply to body soul, and spirit. She teaches biblical principles in thinking, life, and relationship skills, addressing all types of life challenges and balances scriptural knowledge and counseling tools with deep understanding of spiritual warfare principles. She gives clear understanding of how past wounds, faulty thinking and life skills open doors to the spiritual realm and hinder your ability to live the gospel daily. She teaches practical application for living in and out of relationships.

Dr. Tikki takes serious the Salvation Call and is dedicated to the discipline, order and structure of God’s House and people. Under the leadership of her husband Bishop Calvin Collins, Dr. Tikki is currently an Elder at New Bethel Ministries in Philadelphia PA. She holds a Doctorate in Health Care Management, and a Masters in Psychology. 


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